Crafting a Potion of Visibility

Spring break is nearly upon me and as such, a transition from a final research paper into a class around social media. This post represents both a capstone and a new beginning. Below are social media teasers mocked up as they would approximately look in Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for my upcoming long-form writing assignment with the working title of […]

Being a speaker they can trust

Speaking is a balance of specificity. A speaker takes their audience on a journey of intrigue leading to a better understanding than before the topic was presented. Listeners seek understanding from a speaker with credibility. Complicate your message and it will be too hard to follow. Vagueness conveys a lack of authority on the topic. Saying just enough Credibility, like […]

Naming Things is Hard

Life for me has been full of blank slates. Staring at a blank painting canvas, an empty word document, a new programming function that needs logic, and even my own name as a trans woman. Years later I still find new names I want to try on just as I wish I had spent more time revising other work I […]

Writing that Sparks Joy Within Ourselves

Everything feels so intense, so serious, forty hours a week for ten years masking my neurodivergence that I had forgotten how to find my joy in writing. This month the message is clear; be weird, whimsical and write for yourself. Too much energy has been wasted speaking to a void. Writing for everyone, while a noble goal, ends up writing […]