Getting an Angle on Capturing the Action, and a How-To

Readings & Writings Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video chapter 3 describes sequencing while chapter 4 describes screen direction. Both of which will be paramount for this week’s project to produce a How-To video in the Create section below. Two weeks ago we deep dived into video transitions between shots, now let’s take a step back to understand […]

Pairing Visuals with Audio, Editing and the Montage

Readings & Writings This week I’ll be taking on the role of a videographer (which was researched in last week’s post) as well as a video editor, in addition to last project’s dive into being an audio narrator and editor. Thus this week I’ll discuss some research into video editing. The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video chapter […]

Thinking about Video, Montage Pre-Production

Readings & Writings Continuing my readings into Tom Schroeppel’s (2015) The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video. Firstly my mind was blown while finally coming to a deeper understanding of what the stranger looking camera settings, or film options, really mean as it relates to f/stops and color temperature; which I’ve written about in my TIL blog. There’s […]

An Audio Retrospective & Video Research

This week I’ll do a short retrospective on recording my own podcast, see bottom of the post for the link to that. This will be combined with some summaries of my learning on audio from online articles plus some early diving into how to combine audio with video successfully. Readings & Writings My confidence at recording audio on a whim […]

Thinking about Sound, Podcast Pre-Production

Readings & Writings 99% Invisible, a podcast hosted by Roman Mars, describes itself aptly as being about “…all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.” Much of what I do in my career is invisible by nature—both literally as I write code that gets interpreted or […]

Where to Thrive in Colorado

If you’re half as curious as I was about a data-driven approach to visualizing where to live in Colorado then I present to you the following article I’ve just published on Medium. Where to Thrive in Colorado: A data driven dive into what sets the major cities apart in the state of Colorado.

Authentic Data Narratives to Persuade

Data narratives are just that, stories. The best stories paint a mental picture, or show a literal data image in some cases of what is being told from narrator to the reader. These pictures are compelling—but what if we want to be persuasive as well? One method we must be careful of are warping data to fit a narrative they […]

From Above, on Data Visualizations with Maps

Continuing my journey through understanding data visualizations conceptually and practically this week I’d like to create some maps. Data visualizations in maps are particularly fascinating for a number of reasons and we’ll explore what those are as well as three popular categories of maps; those being Locator, Symbols, and Choropleth. All data deserves cleanup. To arrive at a meaningful story […]

Solar Ranger, an Electric Car Data Viz

Over the prior three years I have been going green. Aside from the energy efficient home windows, roof and insulation there was another story I wanted to tell around electricity. I’d like to tell a story through data visualization about indirectly charging my Hyundai Ioniq 2019 EV via my home’s solar panels. Step one was gathering data. I used [Obsidian]( […]