Where to Thrive in Colorado

If you’re half as curious as I was about a data-driven approach to visualizing where to live in Colorado then I present to you the following article I’ve just published on Medium. Where to Thrive in Colorado: A data driven dive into what sets the major cities apart in the state of Colorado.

Authentic Data Narratives to Persuade

Data narratives are just that, stories. The best stories paint a mental picture, or show a literal data image in some cases of what is being told from narrator to the reader. These pictures are compelling—but what if we want to be persuasive as well? One method we must be careful of are warping data to fit a narrative they […]

From Above, on Data Visualizations with Maps

Continuing my journey through understanding data visualizations conceptually and practically this week I’d like to create some maps. Data visualizations in maps are particularly fascinating for a number of reasons and we’ll explore what those are as well as three popular categories of maps; those being Locator, Symbols, and Choropleth. All data deserves cleanup. To arrive at a meaningful story […]