Solar Ranger, an Electric Car Data Viz

Over the prior three years I have been going green. Aside from the energy efficient home windows, roof and insulation there was another story I wanted to tell around electricity. I’d like to tell a story through data visualization about indirectly charging my Hyundai Ioniq 2019 EV via my home’s solar panels. Step one was gathering data. I used [Obsidian]( […]

A Student Once More

With love from Austin TX to faer fellow classmates at Quinnipiac, Ava Gaiety W. uses Fae/Femme/Faer or She/Her pronouns. Just as fae’s decade-long career has been fully remote in software engineering fae is pursuing the ICM master’s degree online from faer home with faer dog and two cats. Fae will continue to work full-time building budgeting software for K-12 school […]