Being a speaker they can trust

Speaking is a balance of specificity. A speaker takes their audience on a journey of intrigue leading to a better understanding than before the topic was presented. Listeners seek understanding from a speaker with credibility. Complicate your message and it will be too hard to follow. Vagueness conveys a lack of authority on the topic. Saying just enough Credibility, like […]

Naming Things is Hard

Life for me has been full of blank slates. Staring at a blank painting canvas, an empty word document, a new programming function that needs logic, and even my own name as a trans woman. Years later I still find new names I want to try on just as I wish I had spent more time revising other work I […]

Writing that Sparks Joy Within Ourselves

Everything feels so intense, so serious, forty hours a week for ten years masking my neurodivergence that I had forgotten how to find my joy in writing. This month the message is clear; be weird, whimsical and write for yourself. Too much energy has been wasted speaking to a void. Writing for everyone, while a noble goal, ends up writing […]

A Student Once More

With love from Austin TX to faer fellow classmates at Quinnipiac, Ava Gaiety W. uses Fae/Femme/Faer or She/Her pronouns. Just as fae’s decade-long career has been fully remote in software engineering fae is pursuing the ICM master’s degree online from faer home with faer dog and two cats. Fae will continue to work full-time building budgeting software for K-12 school […]