Viz Varieties, Categorizing Data as Graphics

Together reader let’s, you and I your author, journey through a landscape of data visualizations. We’ll hope aboard a roller coaster that may or may not be itself in the shape of a smoothed line graph. Never fear, this roller coaster will not be of the emotional variety. Conceptual Declarative We will begin with a Brainstorming Roller Coaster (Paul Williams, […]

Stories Within Data Visualizations

Reading A Brief History of Data Visualization by Michael Friendly (2008) lead me to the one responsible for my beloved and simultaneously hated pie chart (William Playfair, Howard Wainer, Ian Spence, 1801), while also elegantly defining the most influential and prevalent charts I see in my every day. My love-hate relationship with pie charts stem from their modern over-use, when […]

The Slowly Burning Embers of Social Media Revolutions

Earlier this month I wrote on what makes a movement sticky. Today’s food for thought are movements that were less sticky. Those that suffer from being out of sight, out of mind, and generally losing their steam. What makes me the most curious is what a reasonable expectation should be for engagement across any particular movement in an online medium […]

Movements Are Worth Making Sticky

Once upon a time I was a YouTuber. A possible sign that I have ADHD was building a whole brand around a social media presence I maintained for only a few months. This got me thinking about online social media brands and how they apply to activism and their movements. Faetale may never become a memorable brand— but some online […]

Raising an Eyebrow Watching Old Viral Marketing

Fascination, awe, sadness, and hesitancy summarize my mixed emotions upon watching Kony 2012 for the very first time over a decade later in 2023. Fascination that I’d completely missed this viral marketing phenomenon. Awe as memories flooded back of late night television cable-surfing only to be hit with guilt fueled advertising. Sadness from the raw images being shown. Finally, hesitancy […]

When Activism is Viewed Through a Straw

The modern web thrives on Likes. Engagement with the social media platform and a creator’s content can often have direct ties to earnings. Where then does the responsibility lie to engage respectfully and intentionally? Let’s examine how innocuous clicks can traverse vast movements. Tweets are short and most TikToks are around 30 seconds leaving often only the most golden piece […]

My beautiful LED rendered social world

Internet connected devices have always been my best friends. They’re where my people are. They’re the most accessible place for me to be. They’re where I feel safe. As a home-schooled student my social acclimation left much to be desired. My parents attempted to take me to scouts, guitar lessons, and sports activities as a form of enrichment; however, none […]

Crafting a Potion of Visibility

Spring break is nearly upon me and as such, a transition from a final research paper into a class around social media. This post represents both a capstone and a new beginning. Below are social media teasers mocked up as they would approximately look in Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for my upcoming long-form writing assignment with the working title of […]

Being a speaker they can trust

Speaking is a balance of specificity. A speaker takes their audience on a journey of intrigue leading to a better understanding than before the topic was presented. Listeners seek understanding from a speaker with credibility. Complicate your message and it will be too hard to follow. Vagueness conveys a lack of authority on the topic. Saying just enough Credibility, like […]

Naming Things is Hard

Life for me has been full of blank slates. Staring at a blank painting canvas, an empty word document, a new programming function that needs logic, and even my own name as a trans woman. Years later I still find new names I want to try on just as I wish I had spent more time revising other work I […]